HPX high power extruder range  

Delivers superior outputs from a smaller barrel   

Designed for increased power and speed on all formulations

Baker Perkins’ high power twin-screw extruder (HPX) range delivers superior outputs on specialist applications from a smaller barrel, with reduced cost of ownership and machine downtime. Increased power and speed are the key attributes of the HPX range, achieved by full utilization of the motor through torque stability provided by Baker Perkins’ patented MAX³ feed system, and increased thrust capacity of the solid-shaft drive train. The extruders handle a full range of industrial applications, including the most intensive formulations.

The HPX range retains all the latest features of Baker Perkins’ MPX range.

Alongside the MAX³ feed system, these include:

  • A high-cool barrel that increases efficiency and allows lower melt temperatures
  • A split stuffing box for increased access
  • A pivoting main feeder for easier calibration and emptying
  • Purge feeders for quicker turnaround between batches

Noise is minimized by using water cooled main drive motors, while a high-cool discharge adaptor and non-stick coating minimize product hang-up at discharge.

  • Purge feeder
  • Independently opening barrel halves
  • Solid splined shaft
  • High-cool discharge arrangement
  • Removable wear sleeves on shafts
  • Split stuffing box
  • Water cooled motor
  • Reverse reset torque coupling
  • Pivoting main feeder
  • Feeder CIP system
  • Industry 4.0 ready

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