high bulk-density weighfeeder

Continuous gravimetric feeding

The High Bulk-Density Weighfeeder can be used in an extremely wide variety of ways for continuous gravimetric feeding, and it excels due to its high level of accuracy of +/- 0.25%. High Bulk-Density Weighfeeders are suitable for applications with maximum feed rates, high bulk-density materials and extremely high removal moments with large silo discharge openings.

The “classic” multi-talent for maximum feed rates

Typical applications:

Charging of raw and cement mills, kiln and coal mill charging and mixture formation in smelting and coke plants.

Solutions package:

A flatbelt conveyor optimized for precise weighing, a three-phase AC drive system with speed sensor, and integrated weighing sensors.

Quality features and design consistency

Reliability, accuracy and a consistent “less is more” design pay off time and time again: the measuring roller that is placed directly on two load cells and the mechatronics concept ensure stable, long-term feeding results. Lifetime lubrication of the bearings and a weighted belt tensioning system make the system remarkably low maintenance.

Further advantages:

Onsite or remote weighing system calibration is possible via PCs, local field offices or a host computer. The feed rate adjustment range is wide.


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