Gardner Double Cone Blender

Gentle, low energy tumbling action

Gentle blending for delicate or fragile material

A Double Cone Blender provides gentle, low energy tumbling action making it ideal for blending delicate and fragile products, as well as for mixing very heavy and abrasive products.

This type of blender is used to produce a homogeneous mixture and is a better alternative for materials that need to be carefully tumbled, rather than stirred.

Examples of materials mixed in this way include semolina flour, seeds, starch, coffee beans and ground coffee, cocoa, chocolate flakes or powder, powdered milk, baby food, preparations to make dehydrated soups and creams, pharmaceutical granules, detergent granules, soap flakes, artificial fertilizers, plastic in powder ground or pellet form, metal powders

GARDNER Double Cone Blenders are gentle tumble action gravity blenders, making them ideal for fragile and abrasive products alike.

The ‘end-over-end’ tumble action is supplemented and enhanced by internal multi-shear deflector plates, which provide a crossover blending action as the blender cone rotates.

Supported are externally mounted stud arms and bearings, resulting in the Double Cone Blender having no internal shaft seals. This results in an extremely simple and hygienic design to clean and maintain. In addition, the outlet valve provides ‘total-discharge’ of the material, with no carry-over from batch to batch.

  • Low energy mixing
  • Internal multi-shear reflector plates
  • Large size range
  • Easy-clean design
  • Total discharge design
  • Low maintenance
  • No Internal Seals or Bearings
  • Blends Fragile Products with Minimal Damage
  • Blends Abrasive Products with Minimal Wear
  • Range from 20L to 100,000L

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