Fondant & Fondant Crème Preparation     

Complete, automatic systems for continuous production of high quality fondant or fondant crème.    

These plants involve a number of separate units linked into a seamless, easy to use, hygienic system. Fondant crème is used in a variety of different confectionery products: continuous operation makes it ideal for use with Baker Perkins’ ServoForm depositors. Base fondant is normally boxed and sold as an ingredient to bakers and confectioners.  

Baker Perkins supplies well-proven, easy to use and hygienic systems for the continuous production of high quality fondant or fondant crème. These complete, automatic plants extend from raw ingredient handling to beater discharge or direct feed to a downstream process such as a ServoForm™ depositor.

Versatile range of high quality products

Individual deposited fondant crèmes can be produced in a range of colors, flavors, and shapes, and can incorporate soft center fillings. Product quality is improved through a consistent shape, and depositing brings the flexibility to make a variety of shapes, colors and flavors simultaneously. Base fondant can also be produced in bulk as an ingredient for bakers and confectioners.

Easy to clean and maintain

Product contact parts are stainless steel and are accessible for easy cleaning.

Easy to operate and control for reduced costs

A PLC control system with a single operator touchscreen simplifies operation in order to maximize process control and operator efficiency. With the reduced amount of operator input required, workforce flexibility is increased, and training costs reduced. This system can be integrated with a depositor control system. It can also be linked to a supervisory system for quality control, maintenance and troubleshooting purposes.

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