DYNA-Mac Felt Filter Media

High-Efficiency Felt for Dust Collection Bags

DYNA-MAC felts are engineered with micro-denier fibers which provide the highest filtration efficiency of any non-membrane filter felt. Tests run by an independent environmental testing agency show that when compared to the industry standard, polyester felt, the DYNA-MAC filter media: 

  • Improved efficiency 67% (ASTM D6830-02; PM 2.5) 
  • Lowered ΔР 45% 
  • Required 46% fewer pulses to maintain a set ΔР 

Operating Principle 

  • Increased surface area of the micro-denier fibers keep the dust particles on the surface of a DYNA-MAC felt filter bag. 
  • The improvement in surface filtration provides outstanding cake release in addition to the excellent filtration efficiency. The improved cake release and lower ΔР leads to lower fan horsepower requirements and fewer pulses to maintain production demand. 
  • Less cleaning means reduced consumption of compressed air. Therefore, switching from regular felt bags to DYNA-MAC felt lowers operating costs and increases profits. 

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