DSV Slide Gate Valve

Simple, cost effective isolation solution for powders, granules and pellets; for infrequent operation

Ideal for in-line or open discharge applications, the Mucon DSV Slide Gate Valve provides a simple but extremely effective means of controlling and isolating the flow of powders, granules and pellets.

This simple but feature rich Mucon Slide Gate Valve is manufactured to our high standards and available from stock.


  • All body parts are manufactured from cast aluminium alloy
  • Stainless Steel AISI 304 slide plate


  • Robust construction, with integrated metal handle
  • Anti-tamper locking facility – allowing the user to lock or tag the valve in the closed position
  • Provision for ‘earth’ tag where there is potential for static electricity generation
  • Slim Design
  • Cast aluminum body with machine flanged face
  • Externally adjustable tapered and angled polymer slide supports allow the height of the slide gate to be finitely adjusted to compensate for wear
  • Can be interchanges with the Series H Iris Valve as the flange dimensions are identical
  • Size Range 150mm, 200mm & 250mm (300mm coming soon)


  •  Manually operated for the control or isolation of powders, pellets and granules
  • In-line installation into pipes, ducts and hopper outlets
  • Open discharge from rigid or semi-rigid intermediate bulk containers, bins, hoppers and other storage vessels


The DSV Slide Gate valve has externally replaceable slide gate supports. Unlike other manual slide valves the DSV doesn’t use an eccentric cam to support the slide gate. Our tapered supports, set on an angle, can be easily replaced while the slide gate remains in-situ and in the closed position.

The DSV Slide valve is also available with a lightweight pneumatic actuator assembly. This lightweight pneumatic actuator can also be added retrospectively in just a few minutes to an existing manual DSV Slide Valve.

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