Dense Phase Pump


The DensePhase pump system is a simple, effective and highly reliable method of conveying material from a single collection point to either single or multiple reception hoppers. The DensePhase Pump has been advanced to efficiently handle all types of bulk solid materials, from fine powders like fly ash to wet lump coal.

Equally suited to transfer either from storage into a process or from a process into storage. Systems are capable of operating at temperatures up to 480ºC with throughput rates ranging from 10-200 t/hr and distances up to 1000 meters. The inherent simplicity of the Spheri Valve®, the only moving part in the DensePhase Pump system ensures the overall system reliability and low maintenance operation.

Cement Mixing and Blending with MULTICOR®

Cement Production Cost Savings through the Manufacturing Pull Principle

Normal cement production processes are based on producing and storing goods in the expectation of them being consumed and in manufacturing terms, which is characterized as a ‘Push’ principle.

The ‘Manufacturing Push’ principle can be an inefficient use of both resources and capital, resulting in increased inventory/stock levels and the tying up of cash.

The MULTICOR® Blending System solves this problem and facilitates the ‘Manufacturing Pull’ principle by only producing goods when they are ordered — no need for the cement manufacturer to store blended cement production in the expectation of consumption.

Mixing according to the “Just in time” principle, a rotating measuring wheel mixes the main components and additives directly in the MULTICOR® S and MULTICOR® H according to the Coriolis principle. No separate mixer is required, and any mixture can be produced. This saves costs that would otherwise be incurred by using intermediate transport technology and silos.


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