Coriolis Mass Flow Meters


Mass flow-rate feeding/dosing devices according to the Coriolis principle

Our mass flow-rate feeding devices are used wherever large amounts of bulk solids need to be continuously established, controlled and fed. They provide precise feeding according to the Coriolis principle, a unique measuring principle for bulk solids based on direct, fast measured value acquisition.

The active principle of the Coriolis force, in short:

The bulk solids hit a rotating measuring wheel. Due to the centrifugal force, the bulk solid particles on the vane are moved outwards. On the measuring wheel – due to the acceleration in the direction of the circumference – the bulk solids are subject to the Coriolis force. This can be recorded as a measurable variable which is proportional to the gravimetric feed rate, even with changing bulk density or different grain size.

Our mass flow meters are capable of:

  • Dust feeding
  • Flour feeding
  • Polymer feeding in granulating plants (extruder feeding)
  • Measuring of returns in mills
  • Throughput and consumption measurement for in-plant inventory
  • Optimization of truck loading

With our feeders, mass flows are exactly measured and fed in conjunction with an adjustable prefeeder, irrespective of the properties of the bulk solids. It is neither affected by nor sensitive to external influences.

Further advantages

It is simple to install due to its in-line implementation and compact construction. Maintenance and repair costs are both low.

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