Bartlett-Snow™ Rotary Coolers


Bartlett-Snow™ rotary coolers, both direct air-swept and indirect water spray designs, are engineered to assure reliable operation, enhanced efficiency, maximum availability and facilitate ease of maintenance. These features help make our rotary coolers the smart choice for your process solids cooling applications.

Bartlett-Snow™ Direct Air-swept Rotary Cooler

The direct air-swept cooler design consists of a rotating cylinder with internal flighting. This cooler design brings hot product into direct contact with the cooling medium, in a counter current flow configuration. The cooling medium may be ambient air, cooled air or special gases.

The technology is particularly suited for applications involving cooling hot materials from 1290°F / 700°C to temperatures within 10-20°F / 5-10°C of the ambient air temperature. Specialized cooler designs handling high temperature products to 2910°F / 1​​600°C can also be provided.

If the material to be cooled is at an extremely high temperature, the feed end of the cooler can be refractory lined or fabricated from high temperature alloys. Used in series with a direct fired rotary dryer or rotary kiln, the hot air leaving the cooler can serve as preheated secondary combustion air, the resulting in reduced fuel usage.

Bartlett-Snow™ direct air-swept rotary coolers are available in sizes ranging from 18-156in / 457-3960mm in diameter, with lengths from 10 to over 100ft / 3.04m to over 30.48m

Typical materials processed in direct airswept rotary cooler:

Alumina, Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonium Phosphate, Granulated Fertilizers, Urea, Catalysts, Food Products, Titanium Dioxide, Proppants, Metal Turnings & Borings, Pigments, Various Rock Products

Bartlett-Snow™ Indirect Water Cooled Rotary Cooler

The indirect water spray cooler design features a rotating cylinder housed along its active length in a water jacket. Arranged within the water jacket are series of water spray nozzles that direct cooling water over the exterior of the cylinder. Evaporation of the water cools the wall of the cylinder which cools the material inside. Clean water is the recommended cooling media; however, special nozzles and water distribution systems are available for operations that require use of waste water or recirculated water that may have suspended particulate matter.

Applications that are appropriate involve fine powders through granular materials at temperatures as high as 2370°F / 1300°C, requiring cooling to as low as 212°F / 100°C. Should the process require inert, reducing or special atmospheric considerations, the cooler can be provided with gas-tight seals. Planetary and water bath cooler can also be supplied to address unique applications.

Bartlett-Snow™ indirect water spray rotary coolers are available in sizes ranging from 6-120in / 152-3048mm in diameter with lengths from 10 to over 100ft / 3.04m to over 30.48m.

Typical materials processed in a indirect water cooled rotary cooler:

Alumina, Activated Carbon, Rare Earth Compounds, Manganese Oxide, Catalysts, Coke, Ferrites, Metal Scrap, Pigments, Metallic Oxides

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