Bartlett-Snow™ OEM Replacement Parts


Bartlett-Snow™ has the solution for all your replacement parts needs and can provide solid OEM answers. You’ll have fewer problems, less downtime, and higher productivity when staying with the supplier of the original equipment.

OEM reliability

We keep up to date records of the equipment we have supplied. Bartlett-Snow™ replacement parts are manufactured to the identical standards by utilizing the original drawings and specifications. These drawings specify the exact metallurgical compositions, fit tolerances, lubrication requirements, and many other critical details for the manufacture of quality replacement parts.

Bartlett-Snow™ OEM parts

  • Cylinders- replacement cylinders fabricated from basis carbon steel through exotic alloys
  • Riding rings – forged high carbon steel alloys with straight or taper sided configuration
  • Girt gears, girt sprockets & pinions – forged or cast high carbon steel alloys, one piece or split, with surface or through hardening as required
  • Trunnion rolls, shafts & bearings – forged high carbon steel alloys with heat treated tread surfaces
  • Thrust rolls, shafts & bearings – straight or tapered sided thrust rolls in forged high carbon steel alloys with heat treated tread surfaces

Bartlett-Snow™ Rotary Seal Components

There are four types of seals used on rotary equipment. For less maintenance, longer life and increased performance, retrofit packages can be provided for seal upgrade designs.

  • Angle seals – basic rotary seal design are a non-contact labyrinth type for use on medium to high leakage applications
  • Iris seals – flexible overlapping segments that provide a more positive seal for medium to low leakage applications
  • Flex seals – face contact seals for positive seal on low leakage applications
  • Bellow seals – positive face contact type of seal utilized on gas tight applications

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