Autofeed Weighing & Mixing Systems

A fully automatic high-accuracy system to weigh, mix, and feed Baker Perkins’ confectionery cookers.

Up to eight ingredients are weighed and mixed in batches   

The Autofeed is a fully automatic high-accuracy system to weigh and mix up to eight dry and liquid confectionery ingredients and feed any cooker in Baker Perkins’ range.

A compact, fully automatic weighing and mixing system for up to eight dry and liquid confectionery ingredients. It produces consistent batches of pre-mix or slurry and provides a continuous feed to any cooker in Baker Perkins’ range. There is full batch reporting for tight cost control.

Accurate weighing for quality and cost control

Ingredients are fed sequentially into a gravimetric weighing and mixing tank. This delivers +/- 0.1% accuracy and ensures correct proportioning, regardless of calibration.

Batch-continuous for accuracy and consistency

Batch weighing and mixing followed by a reservoir tank provides accuracy and a continuous feed to the cooker. Automatic recirculation keeps the slurry usable in the event of a plant stoppage.

Automatic control for flexibility and ease of use

Product contact parts are stainless steel and are accessible for cleaning. Weighing and mixing cycle is fully automatic with recipe driven set-up. Batch reporting records usage of every ingredient enabling daily, weekly or monthly totals to be accurately calculated.

OutputBatch sizeReservoir tankCycle Time
Up to 3,000 kg/hr180kg (200I tank)150I8 minutes
  • Fully jacketed weigh and reservoir tanks for low water recipes
  • 400l or 600l reservoir tanks
  • Tank and metering pump modules for brine and lecithin
  • Powder feeder
  • Polyol dissolving unit for sugar-free syrups
  • Automatic clean-in-place improved cleaning with less water
  • Heavy-duty mixer for high-viscosity slurries and high outputs
  • Multiple outlets
  • Twin tanks to avoid cross-contamination

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