A2P Series Iris Valve 

The powered version of our popular AD Series valve

The Series A2P Iris Valve is the latest in powered Iris Diaphragm Valve technology. This version features an air or electrically driven geared motor unit and its innovative drive arrangement allows light but robust construction for frequent operation in harsh environments.


  • Body parts on the Iris Valve are manufactured from aluminium and zinc
  • Both the valve drive cover and switch covers are manufactured from White ABS with blue extruded Silicone rubber seals


  • Double diaphragm Iris Valves are ideal for in-line applications, with no leakage to atmosphere
  • The Iris Valve is suitable for heavy duty materials up to 1600 kg/m
  • Quick Iris Valve operation is capable of opening or closing in just a few seconds
  • The Iris Valve is belt driven for quiet operation
  • Drive ring supported on bearings for smooth operation
  • Iris Valve has a Low profile compact design
  • Iris Valve is sealed against ingress of dust
  • Fully open, closed and intermediate electric proximity sensors
  • Minimum maintenance required for the Iris Valve
  • Diaphragms can be selected to suit any application
  • Bore sizes are 150mm, 200mm and 300mm

Mucon AD Series Iris Valve

The original and best Iris Diaphragm Valve on the market today. The Mucon Iris Valve provides a unique solution to flow control and glanding applications whether hand operated or powered. Now produced by Process Components Ltd the diaphragm provides almost infinite control over the flow of product through it or the size of parts it can gland around. Used in tableting applications it provides a gentle closure that helps to reduce product damage. Available in a range of types, materials and drive configurations to suite process requirements


  • Outlet valve for Silos, Bins, Hoppers and Chutes
  • Can be used for In-Line applications
  • Discharge from Sifters, Ribbon Mixers, and Double Cone Blender outlets
  • For automatic bagging of material where frequent operation is involved
  • Controlling discharge from containers into weigh hoppers


  • Non-jamming
  • Material flow through the valve is fully controllable
  • No leakage to atmosphere
  • Full bore opening – No obstruction to material flow
  • Ideal for medium to heavy applications
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Quick opening/closing action
  • 316 stainless steel contact parts
  • Open, Closed and adjustable intermediate switches
  • Special switch/solenoid packages for hazardous locations
  • Special surface coatings on the Iris Valve to suit corrosive environments

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