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Unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity and safety with Connect Advisor.

Connect Advisor Remote Services

Our digitally enhanced remote support platform, is designed to enhance safety, quality, and productivity for frontline workers in the manufacturing and service industries.

Through the Connect Advisor suite, we streamline equipment maintenance and troubleshooting so that on-site technicians and equipment operators can get jobs done as quickly and efficiently as possible. It also offers valuable insights into equipment performance and user proficiency that enable proactive maintenance and optimization of operations.

Unlock efficiency and expertise with remote assistance

Streamlined processes

Connect Advisor Remote Assistance simplifies the support experience with intuitive digital workflows and assistance, ensuring swift resolution and improved productivity with reduced paperwork.

Instant access to knowledge and expertise

Connect and collaborate with our expert, dedicated service engineers in real time through live audio and video links, enabling efficient problem-solving and decision-making. The platform also offers interactive AR/VR equipment visuals that provide hands-on training that enhances comprehension of complex tasks.

On-site, step-by-step guidance

Through augmented reality, our experts can virtually inspect your equipment, providing visual instructions and support as if they were right there with you. We can also provide a ruggedized head-mounted device that frees the technician’s hands for greater safety and productivity.

Embrace the future

Unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity and safety with Connect Advisor. Contact us today to find out how.